5 Benefits of Video Marketing

We’ve all seen the Old Spice commercial with the good-lookin half-naked do two steps out of the shower and ends up sitting on a white horse. This okay I’ll say sensual image and comical tone is synonymous with the brand however prior to this video campaign in 2010 Old Spice was known as your grandfather’s bar of soap but they realized that in order to break into a new demographic they needed to change their marketing campaign and target women enter the man your man could smell like in this Article we’re going to talk about the impact of video in a marketing campaign and how it can make a difference to your business

Hello freely admit that numbers speak loudly and cut through exaggerations and promises to tell you the truth of a claim for example in the world of marketing videos king of content what do the numbers say about that on average people spend 2.6 times now 2 point 5 to point 6 times more time on website pages with video then without video projections indicate that video will make up 82 percent of Internet traffic by 2022.

These statistics tell us that video is engaging and you can use it as a tool to help grow your business . So now let’s us take a closer look at five benefits of implementing video in your business marketing strategy. Number one, video boosts sales and conversions a study found that using video on landing pages will increase conversions by 86 percent, that’s incredible these days.

Everyone is shopping online and savvy shoppers are doing their research that’s why product or service videos are so important. Consumers who view a product video are 85 percent more likely to add that product to their cart than consumers who don’t watch a video. This tells us that video can help potential customers pull the trigger. The second benefit of video marketing is return on investment also known as ROI. I know what you’re thinking making a video is expensive and it takes time this may be the reason you’ve been hesitant to make the commitment but let me assure you it’s worth it.

Yes! 89 percent of video marketers say video gives them a good return on their investment. I’m not a gambler but come on 89 percent that sounds like a pretty safe bet to me. If you’re still seeing dollar signs on the back of your eyelids when you go to sleep you can watch a video titled how much does a video cost.

The third benefit video increases search engine optimization also known as SEO. SEO is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results and video plays a huge role. Video drives a 157 percent increase in organic traffic to your website from search engine result pages like Google and YouTube this increases the chances that new customers are going to find you which in a highly saturated market is invaluable.

The fourth benefit is video increases engagement I mean how many times have you heard somebody say I just didn’t have time to read it what’s great about video is that it captures attention and allows for an easily digestible way to get your message across. So if you can condense your message to a few key points video can be a huge asset to converting casual viewers into customers.

Finally number five video builds brand recognition and trust you can build brand recognition through your visual identity such as the logo and colors but also through your values and your voice all of which you can convey in a video. Did you know that 59% of consumers prefer to buy from familiar brands so it’s important that customers recognize you and remember who you are.

Of course video requires time money and strategy that’s a given but I think that what we’ve seen here is that the numbers speak for themselves and what about Old Spice commercial you ask within a month of that video launch it had over 40 million views on YouTube and the company increased its bodywash sales by over 100 percent there are endless amounts of resources on the topic of implementing video and your business marketing strategy.

5 Benefits of Video Marketing